LG Floor standing air conditioning VP-C1008FA0 (10.0Hp)

Manufacture of Viet Nam
LG Floor standing air conditioning VP-C1008FA0 (10.0Hp)
LG Floor standing air conditioning VP-C1008FA0 (10.0Hp)
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71,500,000đ [VAT included]
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Mô tả sản phẩm

Stylish Design

LG Floor standing air conditioning VP-C1008FA0 (10.0Hp) is an ideal solution for modern interiors in your home or office.

Quick Response

LG Floor standing air conditioning VP-C1008FA0 (10.0Hp) can reach at a set temperature in a shorter period of time while providing powerful cooling.

Powerful Airflow

With powerful air speed and volume, the airflow can reach up to 20 meters. This allows fresh and comfortable cooling much sooner.

Highlight features of LG Floor standing air conditioning VP-C1008FA0 (10.0Hp)

  • PLASMA air filtration system (cleanable).
  • Filter sterilization.
  • Automatic operation (Smart control).
  • Hot-start function (For two-way models).
  • Auto-restart function.
  • Fast cooling function.
  • Automatic flaps function.
  • Self-diagnosis function.
  • Energy-saving gold-plated radiator fins.

PLASMA air filtration system (cleanable)

The component is integrated with a PLASMA air filter system to help remove dust, pollutants, and odors, prevent allergies. When the device is not operating, the system can use as a conventional air handler.


Remove dirt

Diagram depicts the number of gas molecules from 5 cigarettes in a closed room, removed by LG's Plasma gas filtration system.


LG's Air Plasma purifying device eliminates unforgetting odors, such as tobacco odors, approved in Korean and Japanese odor studies.

The filtration device in anti-allergy studies Plasma LG has hit a peak of 82%. CSIRO, Australia carried out this evaluation.

Filter sterilization

Removes dirt and bacteria in the air, making the air in the room always clean.


Automatic operation (Smart control)

The control system changes to work in the most relaxed mode, depending on temperature, flow, and wind speed parameters.


Automatic flaps function

Automatically reverses the flap horizontally for range and more flexible feedings.

Self-diagnosis function

The Outdoor Unit, Indoor Unit, and Sensors operational parameters tracked in the device. The LED would show in case of a mistake.

Auto-restart function

In case the power equipment suddenly fails, this function will help the machine automatically restore the previously set modes when the power restores.

Energy-saving gold-plated radiator fins

The LG outdoor unit has coated with a corrosion-resistant, gold-plated coating on the solvent tube coils. Allows the solvent hose to preserve good heat transfer efficiency, and if the pipe is not gold-plated, it would not sustain good heat transfer performance due to the corroded surface of the pipe. It is the perfect solution for buildings by the sea or polluted air.


Fast cooling function

If the system is operating in fast refrigeration mode, the maximum wind speed and lowest temperature are (18 degrees C) conditions for the high decrease in room temperature.

Thông số kỹ thuật

General information
Origin Brand : Korea - Manufacture of : Viet Nam
Gas R-22
Type Non-Inverter Air Conditioner (Mono)
Cooling capacity 10 Hp ~ 100.000 Btu/h
Using for rooms Area 130 - 134 m² or 390 - 402 m³ (suitable for living room, office)
Power source (Ph/V/Hz) 1 Phase 220 - 240 V 50Hz
Electricity consumption 10,0 Kw
Refrigerant/ Liquid Pipe Diameter (mm) 12.7 / 28.6
In door unit
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) 1.880 x 1.050 x 495 (mm)
Weight (Mass) (Kg) 120 (kg)
Outdoor Unit
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) 1.520 x 1.280 x 730 (mm)
Weight (Mass) (Kg) 250 (kg)

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