Mitsubishi Heavy multi wall mounted indoor unit SRK35ZM-S inverter (1.5Hp)

Mitsubishi Heavy
Manufacture of Thailand
Mitsubishi Heavy multi wall mounted indoor unit SRK35ZM-S inverter (1.5Hp)
Mitsubishi Heavy multi wall mounted indoor unit SRK35ZM-S inverter (1.5Hp)
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5,150,000đ [VAT included]
Có 4 Air conditioning capacity. Bạn đang chọn 1.5 HP
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  • 02 years for component, 05 years for compressor VIEW WARRANTY POINTS
  • The selling price includes VAT and is committed to a genuine 100 percent NEW-WARRANTY NATIONWIDE.
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Advantages of the Mitsubishi Heavy multi wall mounted indoor unit SRK35ZM-S inverter (1.5Hp)

  • Compact design.
  • Maintain a stable temperature.
  • Quiet operation without making noise.
  • Easy to install and operate.

Specifications and features

Mitsubishi Heavy multi wall mounted indoor unit SRK35ZM-S inverter (1.5Hp) made in Thailand applies advanced Japanese technology with the most advanced features to help users get comfortable when using.

Mitsubishi Heavy multi wall mounted indoor unit SRK35ZM-S inverter (1.5Hp) uses gas 410A with a capacity of 12.000BTU suitable for cooling in rooms between 16 - 20 m². SRK35ZM-S is a residential air conditioner with energy-saving inverter technology. We firmly believe that this wall-mounted air conditioner will help you get the most comfortable moments.

Fuzzy Auto Mode

Automatically, the unit determines its operating mode and temperature setting based on a fuzzy calculation, and adjusts the inverter frequency.

Automatic Operation

The air conditioner automatically selects from among heating, cooling and dry operations.

High Power Operation

The unit can operate continuously in "HI POWER" mode for 15 minutes. This mode is convenient to reach the desired temperature Auto quickly.

Memory Louver

While the louver is swinging it can be stopped at any angle. On the next start-up the louver returns to the same positron that it was when the operation last stopped.

3D auto mode

You can choose the best cooling mode, distribute the wind automatically throughout the room regularly when using the 3D function on the remote.

Air scroll

Choose a direction that blows the air down on the floor to help the cold air spread throughout the room.

Jet Air Technology

Air flow is regulated using the same blade technology as that in jet engines which produces a powerful yet efficient air flow.

Up/Down Flap Swing

Flap moves up and down continuously.

Positioning of Installation

This allows you to manually set the air flow direction when the unit is installed against a wall.

Dry Operation

The unit dehumidifies the room by intermittent cooling operation.

Sleep Timer

The room temperature is automatically controlled during the set sleep mode period, ensuring that room temperature will not get too cold or too hot.

24-hour On/Off Programmable Timer

By combining a start timer with a stop timer, you can register two timer operations a day. Once set, timers will faithfully start or stop the system at a specified time of the day repeatedly.

On timer

Time to launch the computer automatically. The unit will start early relative to the set time to assist with the ideal room temperature before beginning to use.

Microcomputer-Operated Defrosting

This mode is automatically activated during low ambient temperatures to prevent the frosting of the outdoor heat exchanger and maintains heating efficiency.

Self-Diagnostic Function

In the case that the air conditioner malfunctions, an internal microcomputer automatically runs a self-diagnosis.

Sliding filter

Filters can remove with just one slide for easy cleaning.

Start button

Use the On / Off button (on the indoor unit body) when the remote control can not use it.

24-hour ION

The air conditioner body has a tourmaline coated sheet. Negative ions (2,500 -3,000/cc) are generated when the air conditioner is not running, allowing you to experience them without incurring any electrical cost.

Luminous Button

With wireless “Luminous” remote controls that even “glow in the dark”, it is possible to operate all desired functions of the unit with the click of a button.

The panel of the indoor unit is detachable

With just one slide, the filters can be removed and removed for easy cleaning.

Thông số kỹ thuật

General information
Origin Brand : Japan - Manufacture of : Thailand
Gas R-410A
Type Inverter (save energy)
Cooling capacity 1.5 HP ~ 12.000 Btu/h
Using for rooms Area 16 - 20 m² or 48 - 60 m³ (suitable for living room, office)
Power source (Ph/V/Hz) 1 Phase 220 - 240 V 50Hz
Electricity consumption 3,5 Kw
Refrigerant/ Liquid Pipe Diameter (mm) 6.35 / 9.52
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 3.47
In door unit
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) 294 x 798 x 229 (mm)
Weight (Mass) (Kg) 9.5 kg

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