Mitsubishi Heavy wall-mounted air conditioning SRK10YT-S5 Premium Inverter (1.0Hp)

Mitsubishi Heavy
Mitsubishi Heavy wall-mounted air conditioning SRK10YT-S5 Premium Inverter (1.0Hp)
Mitsubishi Heavy wall-mounted air conditioning SRK10YT-S5 Premium Inverter (1.0Hp)
  • Air-conditioner type: 1.0HP, one-way
  • Inverter technology
  • Gas type: R-410A
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Origin: Thailand
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Có 3 Air conditioning capacity. Bạn đang chọn 1 HP
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Mô tả sản phẩm

Elegant and luxurious European design

Compared with other MHI inverter series, the Mitsubishi Heavy SRK10YT-S5 air conditioning improves its design when it designs in European style, bringing a luxurious and elegant appearance. Mitsubishi Heavy YT has an easy-to-remove filter for cleaning and reducing dust. The board is designed with a tight lid to prevent insects from entering.


Smooth, strong winds with Jet Engine technology


Based on the principle of "Jet Flow" technology of jet engine turbine blades in the fabrication. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is considered an advanced technology with high energy efficiency in generating large airflow and spreading evenly to every corner of the room with the lowest power consumption.

Save up to 40% electricity with PAM inverter DC technology


Mitsubishi Heavy Air Conditioner YT SRK10YT-S5 adopts DC PAM power-saving inverter technology to control voltage and number of compressor output, reducing maximum power consumption, increasing cooling efficiency strongest. When the set temperature reaches, the compressor reduces the capacity to operate with minimal power to save electricity while keeping the room temperature deviated too much from the set temperature.

Antibacterial, deodorizing with Solar Filter


Mitsubishi Heavy Air Conditioner YT SRK10YT-S5 is supplemented with a Solar Filter function to prevent unpleasant odors such as cigarettes, socks, fishy odors, moisture... combined with deodorizing filters to eliminate odors. Effectively, bring fresh and fresh air. This filter can clean easily by removing and rinsing with water, then dried in the sun to clean bacteria without needing to replace.

It produces a negative ion field similar to that found in a forest

The air conditioner body has a tourmaline coated sheet. Negative ions (2,500 -3,000/cc) are generated when the air conditioner is not running, allowing you to experience them without incurring any electrical cost.

Improved durability with self-diagnostic and self-cleaning

The Mitsubishi Heavy YT air conditioner equips with an intelligent self-diagnosis feature, which automatically detects common errors and displays them on the control screen, making it easy for users to recognize, diagnose and repair quickly.

When the user activates the self-cleaning mode, the machine will self-clean and dry within 2 hours, limiting mold and removing stubborn dirt, making it work smoother and long-lasting.

The highlight features of Mitsubishi Heavy YT SRK10YT-S5 air conditioners

Energy saving function


Economy Mode: The unit will operate in energy saving mode in order to avoid excessive cooling.

Fuzzy Auto Mode: Automatically, the unit determines its operating mode and temperature setting based on a fuzzy calculation, and adjusts the inverter frequency.

Airflow function

 auto-flap Memory-flap UP-DOWN 

Auto Flap Mode: Depending on the operating mode, the unit will automatically set the position of the louvers at the optimal angle.

Memory Louver: While the louver is swinging it can be stopped at any angle. On the next start-up the louver returns to the same positron that it was when the operation last stopped.

Up/Down Flap Swing: Flap moves up and down continuously. The Up/Down flap swing can be fixed at the preferred operation angle.

Filter function

Self-Clean Operation: Self clean mode dries the indoor unit and filter, preventing the growth of mould. This runs for 2 hours after the unit has been switched off.

Photocatalytic Washable: Deodorizing Filter It keeps air fresh by deodorizing the molecules causing odor. The deodorizing ability can be easily restored simply by cleaning and exposing to the sunlight.

One action filter: For easy mainternance filter can be taken off and put on easily by just 1 slide action.

Convenience function

Fuzzy auto Hi-power

High Power Operation: The unit can operate continuously in "HI POWER" mode for 15 minutes. This mode is convenient to reach the desired temperature Auto quickly.

Automatic Operation: The air conditioner automatically selects from among heating, cooling and dry operations.

Positioning of Installation: You can set the left-right air flow directions when you installed the air conditioner near the side wall by remote controller operation.

Dry Off-timer on-timer 24h-timer Sleep

Dry Operation: DRY The unit dehumidifies the room by intermittent cooling operation

24-hour On/Off Programmable Timer: By combining a start timer with a stop timer, you can register two timer operations a day. Once set, timers will faithfully start or stop the system at a specified time of the day repeatedly.

On/Off Timer: This timer allows the unit to be set to turn ON or OFF automatically once within a 24 hour period.

Comfort Start-up: In ON-TIMER operation, the unit automatically starts the operation a little earlier, so that the room can approach optimum temperature at ON time.

Sleep Timer: The room temperature is automatically controlled during the set sleep mode period, ensuring that room temperature will not get too cold or too hot.

Self-deagnostic function and maintenance 

Self-diagnostic one-action-filter

Self-Diagnostic Function: In the case that the air conditioner malfunctions, an internal microcomputer automatically runs a self-diagnosis. (Inspection and repair should be performed by authorized dealers.)

One action filter: With just one slide, the filters can be removed and removed for easy cleaning.

Other fnctions

Back-up-swicht Auto-resstart Luminous Ion24h

Back-up Switch: If the remote control fails, the unit can be operated via an on/off switch on the indoor unit.

Auto Restart Function: Power blackout auto restart function is a function that records the operational status of the air-conditioner immediately prior to it being switched off by a power cut, and then automatically resumes operations at that point after the power has been restored.

Luminous Button: With wireless “Luminous” remote controls that even “glow in the dark”, it is possible to operate all desired functions of the unit with the click of a button.

24-hour ION: The air conditioner body has a tourmaline coated sheet. Negative ions (2,500 -3,000/cc) are generated when the air conditioner is not running, allowing you to experience them without incurring any electrical cost.

Thông số kỹ thuật

General information
Origin Brand : Japan
Gas R-410A
Type Inverter (save energy)
Cooling capacity 1.0 HP ~ 9.000 Btu/h
Using for rooms Area 12 - 15 m² or 36 - 45 m³ (suitable for living room, office)
Power source (Ph/V/Hz) 1 Phase 220 - 240 V 50Hz
Electricity consumption 0.77 kW
Refrigerant/ Liquid Pipe Diameter (mm) ø 6.35 / ø 9.52
In door unit
Model Name SRK10YT-S5
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) 262 x 769 x 230 mm
Weight (Mass) (Kg) 7 kg
Outdoor Unit
Model Name SRC10YT-S5
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) 540 x 645 x 275 mm
Weight (Mass) (Kg) 25 kg

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